My homemade anise, honey and whiskey syrup for "annoying" cough

I don't know if it has ever happened to you, dear people, that a very, very annoying guest, who most brazenly settles not only in your home, in your bedroom, in your bed, but even in your mouth and doesn't go away for days...yes, I'm talking about that horrible dry cough where you start coughing and can't stop, you lose your voice, your strength, your energy...And because we're not fans of pharmaceuticals at home (I exclude nutritional supplements and herbal preparations of course), we try to treat ourselves with alternative methods. So now let me share with you a syrup recipe with which I try to expel the "annoying" guest I complained about.. I know about it from my homeopath, who advised me to give it to my daughter when she was about 5 years, and she often suffered from laryngitis, I remember that it relieved her a lot, and I remembered the recipe 😁


We only need 4 ingredients:

🌱 about 40g of anise seeds

🌱 2 tsp honey 🐝

🌱 1 tbsp. whiskey

🌱 500 ml of water





Before learning about this syrup, I thought that the main benefit of anise was its soothing effect on the intestines and stomach, as well as increasing the milk supply of mothers in labor. But it turned out that it actually has a very beneficial effect on all kinds of problems related to the respiratory tract and the voice.

Boil the water and put the anise seeds in it, which should be boiled for about 10 minutes, then removed from the heat and strained.



Honey is added to the strained decoction, mixed well and returned to the stove, waiting for it to boil and immediately removed. Honey in this case is an important ingredient because of the soothing effect it has on the dry membranes in the throat 😉



And now it's the whiskey's turn, which is added to the potion. Its role in this syrup is also very important because of its content of tannins that act antibacterially. It is good that the whiskey is good, I only had this available, but in general, the higher class it is, the more useful it is in this case.


After the homemade anise syrup is ready, I usually prefer to strain it through a cotton pad to remove even the smallest dirt particles left from the foam during brewing.


It's good to drink 1 tablespoon every hour to relieve sore throats.
Very pleasant in taste, suitable for children, cheap and 100% natural 🌿


Thank you for reading and be healthy 😊