Morena beer: My first time tasting this new brand.


Hello everyone, I hope you are well, the other day I wanted to buy some beers since I am a big fan of that drink, I had not had a drink for a while so I took advantage of the fact that I was in the supermarket to buy a few morena brand beers, it is a brand new to me, I had seen it on the shelves for a long time but I had never dared to try it, but that day I wanted to try something new so without thinking twice I left my beer "comfort zone" and bought 4 morena brand beers to try it, taste it and see how it is.

I must say that it is a very delicious beer, I usually treat beer as a wine, that is, I try to look for the flavors and aromas that make it up, the first thing I noticed is that it had a slightly high alcohol level that is present in each drink, it is a bit high for what I usually drink, it has 5 degrees of alcohol, I usually drink 3 or 4 degrees, it is a dark beer with an intense bitter taste that only beer lovers can appreciate, it has a very good color, at first glance I can tell that it is a dark beer with an amber color reaching gold which makes it my favorite type, I like dark beers since the darker they are, the more bitterness they have, or At least that's what I notice, since its level of bubbles is very abundant, reminiscent of malt in flavor, color and smell.

The truth is this brand has a very good flavor, I liked it a lot so it has become one of my favorite beers, its aroma, flavor and bitterness are unique, although they remind me a bit of the green solera beer, a type of Premium beer that is very popular in my country, it is a bit similar in flavor but not in color, I can say with certainty that it is much better than local brands, since I feel that it has much more body and flavor, now I regret not having taken it sooner, I I have missed drinking a delicious beer only because I had not paid attention to it before, I am not a big drinker but a drink from time to time does not hurt, without anything else to add I say goodbye, I hope you liked this brief review, thank you By the way, see you in the next post, until next time.

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