Late Night Ironic Thoughts: Using the Best Time to do the Best Work!

Here I sit, and the clock just ticked over midnight as I start typing this post.


What's ironic is that this is the first moment I have actually been able to sit down — with the idea that I will have contiguous time to write — and try to do this. What makes it ironic is that my beast "headspace" for writing and creativity is generally between 8:00am and Noon.

Alas, I don't have the luxury of being able to sit down and write at that time, because there are far too many of the Things Of Life clamoring for attention.

It made me pause and ponder just how rarely it seem like I do anything at what feels like the optimal time. In turn, I find myself wondering how often any of us actually get to pursue our creative endeavors at what feels like the optimal time.. to us.


Then again, maybe that's representative of all of life, because we live in a world where so little of our time is actually authentically our time. We always on schedules, even when we're independent and self-employed and not beholden to some company we work for. We still have to function according to when the shops and services we need/use are open.

For example, I sell via eBay, Etsy and others... which means I am often beholden to shipping services and the opening hours of the Post Office and the Bank. Which I am and will be for as long as I need to pay for electricity, food, insurance and other things that cost money.


But I am digressing a bit, here.

When are the best times for the creative work we do — and want to do? And are the "stories" we tell ourselves about "not having time" even true?

I suppose the bottom line there is "it depends."

We choose to be somewhat social, in the sense that we live with other humans, and we choose to have cats, dogs and other pets as a result of which we can't reasonably be utterly self-involved all the time, ignoring what everyone else's wants and needs might be.


And thus, we arrive at one of the essences of being alive: Pretty much everything is a tradeoff of some kind. When I lived alone and was pretty much a hermit I did much of my best creative work... but I also spent a lot of time feeling lonely and disconnected. Now I am married, have kids, cats and dogs... and no longer feel disconnected, but my time is not entirely my own.

And so, I do my creative work whenever I can grab some time, rather than at the ideal time.

On this night, the time I "grabbed" happened to be between Midnight and 12:40am.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!

How about YOU? Do you do your creative work at the best possible time? Or do you do it when you HAVE time? How often do the two overlap? Do you feel like your time really IS your own? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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And thus, we arrive at one of the essences of being alive: Pretty much everything is a tradeoff of some kind.

Yep, there is not such thing as perfect.

"He who has straight hair wants it to be frizzy and he who has frizzy hair wants it to be straight" :)


What I do know is I always feel in a hurry and rushed. I hate it actually. Even when doing something that is meant to be relaxing...I feel compelled to get it done because there is always more that needs to be done!