Game review - Remnant: From The Ashes (2019)


What's up, you sweet babybois? Back again to write more nonsense about a video game in hopes that I make some money to rub all over myself, sensually of course. This time around, I'm going to be going over an original IP that I put some time into recently called Remnant: From The Ashes. You might not be too familiar with the developers of this game, Gunfire Games, as they've only really dipped the tip of their penis into making games just a few years ago. Their only other noticeable titles being Darksiders II and Darksiders III. I really enjoyed the first Darksiders game, but haven't really invested much time into the sequels. So, I definitely just went into this game a bit blind on what to expect, at the bare minimum I hoped that if the game was going to be shit it would be so shit I could rip on it and just laugh a bit.

However, I found myself with a half chub at times with this game and would say it was pretty damn decent overall, if not good.

The game tosses you into a universe that is teaming with evil creatures, and you're dead set on a mission that brings you across many different worlds. Each with their own monsters lurking around to stomp you in the nutsack. The worlds themselves really range from being bland garbage to being pretty cool, unique settings. Some of the locations you're in look like your stereotypical apocalypse settings, like some shit out of I am Legend or The Last of Us. Others, look like something Ridley Scott came up with for one of his Alien films, which can be pretty fucking interesting. Sometimes stuff looks really cool, other times, not so much. But, the graphics aren't that important in the long run with this game. And, I'll be upfront that they're not very amazing anyways. But, what can you expect when it's a limited budget game. If this was a AAA game, I'd probably shit on it a bit, but I'm cutting it some slack.

Plus, I honestly think we could use more mid tier games like this one. There's way more passion and energy put into this game than a lot of AAA tier games to come out in the past 4-5 years. There's a strong focus on gameplay and in game mechanics over having hyper realistic faces with sweaty titties and jiggly asses. And, I really appreciate that. Having said that, I'll just say that while I did enjoy this game, it isn't my favorite action game to be made or anything. There are some minor issues with it for sure. It is, however, a fun experience with tons of content to consume while you play it and a shit ton of replayability.

There's tons of gun and weapon options to be found in the game, and it's all RNG based each time you play. Meaning that your first playthrough and your second playthrough will more than likely be entirely different from one another. This RNG system is actually fairly deep, as it doesn't just give you different guns each playthrough, but different bosses to fight, different loot from said bosses to mod and build a different weapon/character. There's tons of different builds you can go from in this game. If you wanna be a slapping god and beat the fuck out of some monsters, you can go that route. Or, if you want to cosplay being someone from Sniper Elite where you shoot people in the testicles and kill them in one shot, you can do that too. There's lots of range/variety here, and it's pretty nice. There's also a trait system that influences a lot of how your weapons and abilities work, like increasing your reload speed, your stamina, your speed towards exp and shit like that.

There are issues with some of the combat elements of this game, at least when I played it there was. Sometimes I would notice hit detection issues, where I'd have my crosshair dead center on someone and the shot would just basically phase through them like they were doing some shunpo shit from Bleach. Things can feel very clunky at times, like CQB fights with bosses. It definitely just feels like you have lockjaw while you're playing from how stiff the game is. Also, I feel like the melee builds don't work all the time and could be frustrating to use at times, just due to the fact that there are enemies/bosses that fly around and you can really pretend your batman and shoot them with your line gun to then slide your fingers up their ass. I didn't put a lot of time into doing melee builds, so maybe I'm wrong here but I just don't see how they would fully work the entire game.

Part of the reason I decided to give this game a whirl was because it has co-op mode, and my friend wanted to give it a try. So, I ended up doing some co-op for awhile, which was overall a pretty enjoyable experience. I mean, co-op mode is always more fun than single player mode since it's always more fun to be jamming with your friends. But, it is more fun and just a good time to be shredding everything alive with a buddy. I definitely had some lag problems every now and then, but that seems to happen with a fair amount of co-op games anymore these days. If you play on normal with a friend, expect to have little to no difficulty in speedrunning this bitch. Even solo mode on normal is mostly fairly easy, though you might get stuck on a few of the bosses here and there. People compare this game with the Dark Souls series, and while on higher difficulties the game does seem like a pain in the ass, with a friend it's not quite as rough as the Souls games.

Speaking of the souls game, you might be going into this expecting not to give a damn about the narrative since those types of games don't really focus on them much. They usually just leave things for you to find in the world to piece things together. Which is cool, I don't mind doing that. But, this game has very sloppy writing for the narrative pieces, and there's not an actual ending to the base game. The ending is included in a DLC drop, which seems pretty fucking goofy/annoying to me. The DLC's aren't expensive, ranging from $5 on sale to $10 not on sale. But, it just kinda seems like a cockslap to the face of your audience shipping a game that just random ends and then wanting to wait a year or so to make sense of it, and also have them pay money to finish the story out.

Overall, I think people would mostly enjoy this game. The crowd who tends to play these sorts of titles don't care about narrative going in, and if you don't, you'll probably have a fairly fun time with it. Especially if you're playing with a friend, it's just an enjoyable time. I definitely have issues with it, and it's not the greatest game in the souls style, but definitely worth a playthrough if you have the time. I would probably rate it as a 7/10 on my own personal scale. On sale, it runs for about $20, which is right where I would recommend anyone reading this to grab it at. Especially if you want to get the DLC to finish out the story once and for all. You won't feel like you've had someone sticking their dick into your wallet if you pay $40, but, for the game being out a few years now and the issues with the DLC, I just say $20 is more fair.

But, yeah. Until next time, doods.



Thanks mate! For saving me wasting my time on this game. :)
It was (as you may know) a free monthly game on PS Plus last month, and I secured it but didn't download it yet. And probaly never will.
Its really frustrating to see that game developers appearently don't have any new ideas, and that for the past 25 or 30 years. At least the majority of them hasn't. Its like watching Die Hard part 2479 or so.
Ok, if its free its no big deal, but they originally wanted money for this. I really have not found many games in the past few years, for which I could say they are something interesting and new, and worth spending some money for. The Watchdog games perhaps. Or Red Deap Redemption 2, and may be some VR stuff like Skyrim. And even they are at the core shoot em' up games, just very nicely wrapped.
Well, it all has one good aspect - I don't spend much on games anymore. :)