Game Review: Demon's Souls (2020)

What's up, Hive people. It's ya boi, Billy Witchdoctor. I'm here for two things, to bring back chickens from the dead, and to spew some trash all over your eyes while I talk about a video game I've played recently. And, I'm all out of chickens. But, yeah. Gonna be going over a game that is hard to actually play right now, unless you've been lucky enough to snag a PS5, it's called Demon's Souls. This version is a remake/reboot of the original 2009 title, which was the progenitor of the Souls series. Without the original version of this game, we wouldn't have Dark Souls, Sekiro, Bloodborne etc. So, I was really happy back when they announced that this was down the pipeline. I never played the original Demon's Souls, so this was a bit more of a fresh experience for me. Though, I've had my fair share of getting my cheeks spread in other Souls games.

I've gotta say, not since Bloodborne have I had such a potent wet spot in my shorts from a Souls like game. And, Demon's Souls really filled that gap and had me absolutely moist.

I'm sure you could tell from that statement, but, yeah. I really enjoyed my time with Demon's Souls. While it definitely has flaws and isn't the greatest game of all time, for the most part it's a striking experience. It was a great choice for a launch title for the PS5, as not only is it a solid game, but it shows off a lot of the PS5's tech very well. The graphics are insanely detailed and look beautiful, this is definitely one of the best looking games I've played in a long time. Pretty much every moment on screen was nice to look at, and it's just a stunning game. They fucking nailed the visuals on the game, and I definitely think the only thing that could have made it better was if you could see the smallest sweat molecules trickling down your characters ass as you battle. But, beyond the huge graphical improvements, there's another cool feature used a lot by the PS5 with this game.

That happens to be the controller. I bet you didn't see that coming, huh? Fucking idiots. I mentioned in a post before about the controller having a feedback system, but, man. It is some cool fucking shit. You'd think this kind of thing would be a gimmick, but, it just makes the gameplay so much more fun and immersive. If you swing your weapon and hit a wall, you'll be feeling the controller rattling along with the game. And, it gets even more detailed than that, as if you hit the left side of a wall then it'll be the left side of your controller being all jittery. If you get an arrow blasted at your head and it narrowly misses, your controller makes some cool sound effects and you even feel a bit of vibration on the side it was near. It has different levels for different things. And, it's just some wild shit that made the experience even more fun.

The gameplay itself is pretty damn good, though, if you're not a fan of souls games then obviously you'll think it's probably stinky ass. I, however, do like to dabble here and there with making myself sweaty and greasy from the stress of these types of games. So, I can say I enjoyed it quite a bit. From what I've looked into, the gameplay is pretty much a shot for shot copy of the original game. So, the combat, bosses, settings, fighting styles, etc. are all the same, and the only thing that has changed is quality of life changes pretty much (Like, getting rid of a dupe glitch and other game breaking bugs, cuh.) I don't really have anything else to say about the gameplay besides it's well done and fun. Suck it, bitch.

The builds you can do in the game are pretty versatile. From what I can tell most people enjoy doing magic based builds, as you can really go nuts to butts on demons that way. I, being the caveman I am, decided to try a strength/melee build and realized how fucking rough that can be. Especially if you end up going down a bad path at the start of the game, where you end up fighting bosses that are heavily resistant to your melee attacks. But, once you get past the initial challenges like that the game eases up on the difficulty level and I would say is much easier than your typical Dark Souls game no matter what kind of build you're doing. Which, I'm totally fine with since there are times where I've thought about eating thumb tacks after dealing with bullshit in Dark Souls. It's definitely not an easy game, but, it's manageable for sure and stays entertaining.

There are issues with the game though, mostly just annoying things. The camera can be really fucky sometimes and get stuck on pretty much the most random things. I'm not sure why that happens, but, yeah. A ton of the fights are all CQC, so things feel really tight often and if you're using a large melee weapon, you can get really fucked over a lot. That gets old sometimes as well because there are no campfire checkpoints like in Dark Souls, and you have to farm for healing items. The last thing I'll mention is that the hitboxes are also really fucking weird in this game sometimes and don't make much sense. You can take full damage being hit just by some sparks or pebbles that fly in the air from a blast or rock being crushed, and that shit can be frustrating. Nothing that ruins the game for me, but, just things to keep in mind.

Overall, I think this is not only a wonderful game, but, a wonderful remake as well. If you enjoyed the original game, I imagine you're going to be twisting your nipples in glee over this version. Definitely a smart choice to have this be one of the first titles available for the PS5, and, I'm super glad I picked it up and gave it a try. While not my favorite souls games, it was undeniably fun and entertaining the entire time. I honestly would say this would probably be the best souls game to play if you've never tried one, just because it's constantly a good time and also by far the easiest souls like game that is out there. So, yeah. Big recommend from me, if you've been granted the PS5 gift from God, give it a go!

Well, that'll do it for me, you bunch of fucking Cro-Magnons. I know this was a little bit of a shorter review, but, I feel like trash while writing this so I'm gonna go chill out. Until next time, doods!



interesting game maybe I'll try it when I can