Steemfest footages by @cryptospa !


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It's a video edited by @clixmoney and all the footages sent by @cryptospa.

@cryptospa is member of @dcooperation community and he's our correspondent from @steemfest for the second time.

The first time he sent us footages from Kraków.

In the video you can enjoy the beautiful city Bangkok. You will see the nice river from a boat. A street from a bus. Even a home inside. In the end you will see some steemians and the fun that they had there.

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Enjoy watching.

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@dcooperation, Last time also @cryptospa put lot of efforts to keep up to date everyone regarding what was going on in SteemFest. Good to see that he visited this SteemFest too and brought these glimpses.

@cryptospa, I really want to appreciate your efforts brother. Stay blessed.

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