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@W-T-Fi's Travel Summary: Vol: 22 - @D.buzz Official Guest Post

May, 14th 2022

Hello Hivers!

This week was full of exciting new announcements! My school announced that we would no longer be offering hybrid learning as an option to students. I'm excited to be teaching only in the classroom where students learn best. Online learning hasn't been as effective as I would like for my students.

Restrictions in Southeast Asia are loosening very quickly! One of my colleagues is going on a weekend trip to Vietnam this week. This is something that hasn't been possible for almost 3 years now. One of the best things about living in Bangkok is the access to SO many other countries in the region. I'm glad that things are starting to resemble some form of what they used to be.

Anyways... This week we have 5 amazing travel posts from all over the world. I hope you enjoy.

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Thanks to the original authors of the 5 articles below:

@olusiu , @micaela.nomade , @cryptosneeze , @nathen007 , @popcorn88.

You will receive a 50% curation from the @dbuzz account as well as any additional exposure from this post.

1. Germany This post features a trip to a beautiful tourist destination in Germany. Once a coveted vacation location for a high profile name, this Municipality is home to beautiful snow capped mountains. The post is also filled with amazing photos of nature and the resort. Check out the full post here.Photo from @olusiu 's post
2. Costa Rica @micaela.nomade does a fantastic job of describing their travels in Central America. This edition of her many posts takes the reader to Costa Rica. The post is full of photos and videos of beautiful coastlines. Check out the full post here.Photo from @micaela.nomade's Post
**3. Kyiv, Ukraine ** @cryptosneeze does a great job of documenting his visit to Ukraine in the past. Images of the Ukraine have been broadcast to the world recently. Seeing some positive images of the country is definitely refreshing. Thank you for sharing @cryptosneeze. Check out the full post here.Photo from @cryptosneeze  's Post
4. Bangkok, Thailand Another amazing post from the city I love, Bangkok. This post features a building with Amazing views. The hotel features a sky deck, restaurant and a revolving floor. I definitely plan to check this site out in my free time. Check out the full post here .Photo from @nathen007 's Post
5. Italy This post feature some of the most elaborate ceilings that I've seen in my life. The photos in this post are amazing! If you are interesting in art or architecture then this is the post for you. Thank you for sharing Check out the full post here.Photo from @ 's Post

I hope everyone has am amazing week! Please give your loved ones a huge hug and cherish the time that you have with them.

See you all next week.

***This post is authored by @w-t-fi who writes content about travel, financial independence, and life as an international expat. Check out more post similar to this at @w-t-fi 's blog. ***


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