Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.69



Recap of this week's posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on 10/10/2021 | Vol. 69

What's buzzing, friends!

The world has many people. All these people have many types of needs and wants. This then makes for many types of jobs to fill those needs and wants. Sure, there are lots of crossovers that make for recurring jobs, such as needing to eat (so we need cooks) and travel (so we need pilots). However, there are also unique jobs, which perhaps does not need a lot of crossover for. One of which is being a wizard.

Today, we are talking about the interesting job of being a wizard in Christchurch, New Zealand. Or should we say former wizard, as the wizard question just got laid off (we get it, times are hard). Up until recently, the Council of Christchurch was paying $16,000 a year to a young wizard, to as they put it, “provide acts of wizardry”.

The professional wizard known as "Ian Brackenbury Channell", performed his acts of wizardry for Christchurch, dutifully since 1982. Even now, since being laid off he says he will still perform acts of wizardry for the city for free. That is one noble wizard indeed!

So if you are considering a change in career, perhaps think about becoming a wizard. You get to walk around all day in your bathrobe, talk about strange things people don't understand, and get paid for it. Hmmm, sounds a lot like being a content creator on Hive... Perhaps Hive content creators are wizards? 😱

You can read our book of spells, a.k.a. the weekly articles from
D.Buzz down below. If you'd like to learn more about this interesting story you can follow the link HERE.

Hocus-pocus and Alakazam!

Last Sunday

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This week, it is all about M&M's! Let's talk about our favorite colors and what those flavors might be. Play the game with us for a chance at winning 15 HIVE!


We do believe that spam is an issue, and we need to empower our users to take actions on. On our product update article for today, we discussed this and what we were looking to do.


All you need to log into D.Buzz is your username and posting key. On this article and sequential tutorial video, we guide you through the process.


@tdctunes is a modular synth artist and our community highlighted member of the week. They make really awesome electronic sounds while DJing on the radio. We suggest you read some of their content today.


D.Buzz Features: Login with Hive Keychain! The Hive Keychain app is one of the most secure ways you can login to Hive applications. We produced a tutorial video on how to use this app to login to D.Buzz.


Featuring some awesome posts dealing with science, art, travel, life, and how to get a free T-shirt. You can discover who we nominated for our on-the-spot rewards, using the link at the right!

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The introduction of this post is funny! Thanks for the updates.


Is the job real? Perhaps you are having a fun with the people here.