Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.67



Recap of this week's posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on 10/3/2021 | Vol. 67

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In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that the soul of a person was released from the body after death and could be reincarnated as a baby after a set period of time. It’s a question that has intrigued scholars and archaeologists for centuries, and one that could be true to an extent. Ancient Egyptian culture was very mystical, and they could have been onto something.

That brings us to today's interesting fact, the tale of Dorothy Eady. She was born in London in 1904. As a child, Dorothy fell down some stairs and hit her head. When she regained consciousness, she had visions of a past life, a past life in Egypt.

Her childhood was spent in the Egyptian section of the British Museum, where she felt at home. She pursued a career in archaeology and eventually ended up going to Egypt, the land that she believed she was from.

She mysteriously knew the locations of artifacts and other archaeological sites that had not been discovered. She even knew how to train cobras to be her best friends. Dorothy Eady, was now known as Omm Sety, the Nightingale. She lived out her life in Egypt, serving at the "Temple of Seti".

It is a truly fascinating story, about how a bump on the head triggers memories of past life. Is there truth to the Egyptian idea of reincarnation, or just some crossed wires after getting a bump in the head? Whatever the case may be, D.Buzz has “reincarnated” its posts from the previous week for you to enjoy down below.

To read more about this fascinating story go HERE.

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