Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.65



Recap of this week's posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on 9/19/2021 | Vol. 65

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What if you could buy all the banknotes in a country for less than a penny? If you are in Hungary in 1946, you potentially could.

Let's talk about inflation... Inflation is no joke and it's actually really bad. We all know the government prints more money to try to make up for lost money, but that causes problems. The more money the government prints, the more money there is in circulation, but prices are still the same. #CryptoCurrency_MyHero

One of the highest inflation rates ever recorded was in the Hungarian nation. The year was 1945 through July 1946. The local currency, the Pengő, was valued in 1944 to be 1,000 Pengő, to $1 USD, to in about the middle of 1946, 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Pengő to $1 USD.

When it hit its high point of inflation, you could have bought all of the Hungarian Pengő in circulation for $0.00001 USD. Now that's how one would "buy the dip", right?

This is actually quite a fascinating story you can read more about on Wikipedia, HERE. Another fascinating story to read about right here is the list of weekly updates from D.Buzz. Scroll down and be informed.

Excuse me for a moment, just gonna print off several zillions of these...

Last Sunday

Here's a link to the previous recap post from last Sunday. >> 9/12/2021 <<


Mario Brothers came out many years ago with the rise of video games. These virtual worlds are exciting to say the least. We want to know what video game you would live in, and why. Let us know in a Buzz for the chance to win 15 $HIVE.


A big update today with lots of different fixes, along with the rollout of our "Image Grid" feature. This new feature makes use of our custom image rendering system, and is the first of a few different updates we will be implementing into the image handling on our platform.


Our platform comes with a number of different built-in themes. These different themes could help save your eyes if you work in dark environments, or help you read better in light environments. Learn about these themes and how to change them, then discover the one you like best.


@asterkame is a paper craft artist, who folds, paints, and glues together some remarkable artwork, using only paper. Follow this artist today. :D


Earlier in the week, we rolled out the "Image Grid" feature. Check out our tutorial video reviewing this new feature.


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Good thing you did a recap otherwise I wouldn't have seen the Monday contest haha.