All day at sampoiniet beach, Aceh jaya - Indonesia

If you have never been here, I will show you how beautiful Indonesia is, especially in the province of ACEH.



Photo by @dayatsiaulia

Geurute mountain map

The view when you are on the hill

Holidays in the spring is the weather that is eagerly a waited by travelers. especially in Indonesia which has a tropical climate. In this post I will share with friends about my trip while on the island of SAMPOINIET, Aceh Jaya district, Aceh province, western Indonesia.

It was a very tiring journey for me and my friends while visiting this beautiful place. with the hope that while here I can relieve stress and negative thoughts, when tired of working the brain needs refreshing and a vacation to relieve boredom while working continuously staring at the computer monitor screen like my job.

Let's continue our journey

At that time I was on the hill of Mount Geurute, I saw the sea that stretched wide and was very beautiful and amazing. My friends and I found an access point to this hill from local residents, to enter and visit here is not allowed by foreigners because this place is very preserved by local residents







Photo by @dayatsiaulia

Resting & camping

While enjoying the view, my friends and I did a photo shoot and some of them cooked food and fished for us to eat. Here we feel hot and thirsty, need a lot of drinks to relax here.

The distance between the city and the island is approximately -+ 5 kilometers on foot, quite far indeed, but the obstacles we faced had to climb cliffs, climb hills and explore the forest.

About 5 hours we have been here and departed from the city of BANDA ACEH to the city of LAMNO Aceh Jaya. it takes 3 hours to explore the forest, 1 hour to climb the cliff and 1 hour to walk along the beach to be able to visit the cliffs of this island. Our fatigue was paid off by the stunning and incredibly beautiful scenery.

It was noon, we began to starve and the hot weather wanted us to move to another place, there still had a very interesting place for us to visit. We immediately continued our journey to another place which was said to have a river on the other side of the island.





Photo by @dayatsiaulia

White Sand

We continued our journey through the beach, on the way I took a handful of sand and took a picture, whether this is granulated sugar or sea sand we can tell the difference when we taste it in the mouth :D.

How far have we passed this beach, what is clear is that we walked for 2 hours. Footprints of pedestrians have been carved into this sand, giving the impression that we are here and following the forest handler.

while traveling I did not see a reptile and a four-legged animal here, whatever happened I did not know much about the condition of this place. I only focus on the condition of my body which is getting tired and weak. We had a moment to stop for a moment to relieve fatigue.







Photo by @dayatsiaulia


After walking for a long time on the beach, it looks like these high hills are very challenging and need energy to climb. Seen from a distance it is small and easy to climb but this is very difficult because we do not have supplies for climbing the cliff.

We hiked without any tools such as ropes, iron grips and climbing shoes. Whatever the risk, we will continue our journey, because our time is very short and it is impossible to spend the night here.

Take turns climbing and helping other friends who have difficulty climbing steep cliffs like this. When there is a little mistake we make then we will fall into the sea and this is not what we expect.







The place we stopped and camped earlier


Photo by @dayatsiaulia

Finished the cliff

At the end of the trip and finished climbing the cliffs on the rock we rested again and took pictures of the panorama of nature and the ocean. rest here for 30 minutes while eating and drinking after that we continued our journey to immediately to the waterfall and river.

Seriously, My body feels so shaking my hands are injured from climbing that rock cliff. We feel very tired but this is where I feel the pleasure.




Photo by @dayatsiaulia


Arriving at the waterfall, we didn't wait long, we immediately took a shower, the water was fresh and naturally clean from the mountains. while enjoying the bath we joked and cheerful.

It was late afternoon, we had to go home soon. The path when we passed at the beginning of the trip was different from the path when we returned home, because this waterfall has entered the village border area, and this area already has residents living in this area.




Photo by @dayatsiaulia

On the way home

On the way home, I saw a crowd of cows, I thought there were no animals around Palau and it turned out that they were allowed to see me and it turned out that these cows belonged to the residents, and we almost entered the village area.


Arriving at the village, we took a boat to be delivered across the island. I wonder why we didn't just take a boat earlier, then the handler said: if we enter from the opposite island from where we started, there is no boat because we are crossing from the forest, if we take a boat then we can't go to the place where we stop. on the hill of the island.

I think so too, because the island we stopped at was not accessible by boat, we had to climb the rock cliff.


At the end of the trip, we arrived at the village, then we rested and enjoyed food at the food shop. It's a very tiring journey.


Thank you for visiting my post, I hope you like photography and the story of the journey. Your support means a lot to me.

All these photos are mine @dayatsiaulia Thank you Hive friends around the world, greetings from aceh - Indonesia.




Wow! Those are some beautiful views!
I like the island in the water that is completely filled with trees.


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What beautiful beaches. The surrounding vegetation is so different from the beaches in my country....


This beach is guarded and preserved by residents, it is still very natural. for foreigners it is not allowed to visit..