We all have the power and privilege to make daily life inevitable decisions.

To make decision means to cut off somethings. So! How do i know what to cut off at a particular time and situation?

Choice is the right, power or opportunity to decide between two or more options.

I have made some choices lately that hurts, like an online business transaction that led to me being frauded, actually i discerned it but i was to hard hearted to stop the transaction until experience taught me.

I learnt that Regret is a final realisation of what is right to do. I wish i had listened to my instinct from within promptly.

Anyways, Our everyday life is full of choices. Where we are today is a function of our choices till date.



Every of our choice always come with responsibilities and consequences.

Funny enough! We can't escape making choices daily, the bone of contention is that are we making the right or wrong choices?

I learnt by experience lately that implementing wrong choice makes one vulnerable to danger, fraud, etc.

I really have to improve on my financial transactions and social skills, because the major factors that influences right choices are the quantity and quality of information and understanding we have from within.

Sadly, Some Choices when implemented can either be regrettable or rejoicable. Like funds transaction to the wrong and fraudulent hand.



What influences many wrong choices?

From my own little experience i can say

Ignorance Or Assumptions: Nobody can be outstanding without understanding. I have made many choices in ignorance and with assumptions, which are regrettable for me right now. However, i know better now by my recent experience and i will still keep learning. Now i will often remind myself that if I'm not sure nor have enough details about an option or financial transaction, I must not decide because it's more costly to make decision in Ignorance and Assumption. The regret is very hurtful.

Fear of timing: I'm better late in deciding than living in regret of my decisions. I now try to wait more, calm down, and listen to my inner instincts to be sure of every choices I intend to decide on.

Over Excitement: It is very subtle to make decisions while happy, chances are that those decisions are not deeply considered and can be costly. So! Don't always be quick to decide when something seem too good at the moment. Patience is Virtue. Neither is it good to decide when angry or sad. We must always find the balance.

Exposure to wrong information and reality: The wrong picture, intentions, information you are exposed to is what you will reproduce. Therefore let's consciously choose correctly those we allow to influence our interest, career choice, character goals and transactions.

Pressure from friends: Don't allow pressure from anyone, that's why no matter those who inspire and motivate us, Individuals must be self motivated and inspired too because ultimately! We are responsible for our success in life..

What enhances right choices is right, enough knowledge and understanding in that area of concern which guarantees favorable results.

Let's always try to choose right so as to avoid regrettable consequences.

Hope i have helped someone today? Kindly contribute your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for always coming around @davidbolu34