Weekend-engament post- How do we influences.



This my entry to weekend-engament post of the week. Influential sponsor by @galenkp

In this world either you influence someone or someone influence you.
It's easy to influence someone when you know what's he/she likes or is goals.
You can talk him out and make him on your side.
Your influences to someone can be positive or negative..
Positive influences are those one that bring positive changes to the person involves.

You can use praise to influence someone.
Yeah you heard me right.
Don't be stingy with praise..
you want to get someone on your side, don't be stingy with your praise
. Humans eat up praise like a turkey dinner. Praise makes others feel good about themselves, making them in turn feel good about you, the praise dispenser. Just make sure the praise is genuine.

Another great way to influence is finding common ground
That's the interest of the person.
The quickest way to another's puppet strings is to find common ground.
You both love playing Madden? You both watch Game of Thrones (AND read the books?)

You both spend your weekends scouring beaches with metal detectors?
Find a common interest or connection with those you want to influence, and milk it for all it's worth

. If you really want to be clever, do some Facebook stalking to learn more about the individual you want to win over (which makes those coincidental common interests much more likely to come up in conversation

Seen yourself as an expert
People like people that are expert. They look to them as their leader. You can been seen as an expert when you've not seen yourself as one..
People follows an expert..
When people look at you as an expert you can easily influence them..