PC World (December 2009)


PC World was one of the longest running and most popular PC magazines in the world. The first issue was published in March 1983 and the final issue as the relatively recent August 2013 issue. This issue from December 2009 includes:


  • PC World 100: The Best Products of the Year - A lot of outstanding hardware, software, and services passed before our eyes this year. Here are the very best ones - the products we most wanted to keep after testing and reviewing them.

  • The TV You Want Today - HDTV features continue to evolve rapidly, in areas that range from motion-smoothing technologies to 3D. we look at the changes and rank the best 40- and 47-inch sets.


  • Techlog
  • PCW Forum


  • Wireless Wars - As carriers and the FCC tussle, users are caught in the middle.
  • Beta Watch

Consumer Watch

  • Avoid Wireless Gouging - Minimize your phone service fees by scrutinizing five crucial areas.
  • Skeptical Shopper

Business Center

  • Build a Social Network - Ning makes customization easy.
  • Net Work

Security Alert

  • Phishers Dangle New Bait - Information thieves devise new ways to steal your personal data.
  • Bugs and Fixes

Reviews and Ranking

  • E-Book Readers - A stack of better-quality readers vie for shelf (and luggage) space.
  • Top 10 Cell Phones
  • Digital Photo Frames
  • Top 10 Multifunction Printers
  • iPod Nano, Zune HD

Here's How

  • Privacy on Social Networks - Rules for protecting your personal data on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Answer Line

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