MegaCon 2002: The Biggs and Carter Experience (2002-02-24)



It appears that a glitch with a threespeak upgrade caused some videos that previously failed encoding to be reposted.


Not sure what is up with threespeak. This appears to be a video I uploaded (or tried to) 11 months ago and it seems to have just randomly been posted (though not working). As I recall, I was having trouble with it at the time and deleted it and just made a post with links to other video sites. I have no idea why it is randomly showing up 11 months later. @threespeak

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From the program:

"Join Babylon 5 star Jason Carter in a unique experience you're not soon to forget. Jason Carter brings to you his wealth of experience in the acting field in an hour and a half acting workshop. The experience is geared to all levels of interest, from the serious beginner to someone who is just curious in what techniques and exercises actors use to prepare for various roles. The workshop is interactive and entertaining to all who attend!"

This was the Sunday session. This event was always my favorite at MegaCon the years that it was there. I don't recall why Richard Biggs wasn't there this time.

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