Chionodoxa (watercolor pencils)


Hi friends!

Looking through photographs of flowers, I thought about what kind of art material would be useful for this or that flower.
Chionodoxa is one of the charming spring primroses.
I once drew it in digital
Now I want to draw it using traditional materials


I decided that watercolor pencils would be the best way to depict these flowers.


Sketching flowers with a medium tone pencil


Sketch of green grass


I start to pick up background colors with different shades of green


I continue to fill the background with color, using dark tones, not only greens, but also browns and dark purples to create depth of space.


Now the time about drawing a flowers!
They should contrast with the darkness and greenery in the background.
For their image, I left a few light pink and lilac tones.


When the drawing is ready, I start washing with water.
This must be done very carefully, without mixing colors.
I blur the flowers from the middle to the edges of the petals and wash the brush each time.
I blur the grass in the direction of its growth, and the rest of the background - according to the drawing


When the paper dries, the drawing looks like this.
Bright pink flowers that look like stars on a dark background


Have a nice spring day to all!