Public Beach in Badian, Cebu



Hello there, hivers! We stopped here at Badian, Cebu, on the way back from Kawasan Falls to see the well-known Lambug Public Beach. And I was therefore tranquil seeing with its loveliness due to its fine white white and clean shoreline.

Note that this is a Public beach, yet there's no doubting that Cebu South's superb white sand shorelines and crystal-clear waters continue to win the hearts over a lot of people.

The Lambug Beach Resort in Badian, Cebu, is an affordable to go that enables you to have an unforgettable weekend getaway especially with friends and love ones. While snorkeling, you can witness a lot of reef and marine life at this gorgeous beach.

This Public white sand beach is simply lovely in my opinion. Camping is the main attraction there, especially when you have your own tent. It can be crowded because it is open to the public, but that just adds to the fun. The setting here is also ideal for watching the sunset and of course sunrise when you go for overnight. By the way, if you don't have a tent, you may rent one or bring your own.

That's all for todays blog. 😍

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