"What Action have you taken in your life that led to positive changes?"



Hello and welcome to my page. I'm @daniky and this is my entry to the question of the week challenge, an initiative by @ecotrain. Kindly follow me as i share my thought with you regarding the question of the week which states that "What actions have you taken in your life that led to positive changes?"


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Action is said to be louder than voice and "a body will remain at its state of rest or motion until a force is applied to it." Below are actions i took in my life that led to positive changes;

  1. Having my privacy at age 20: This was the best decision of my life ever. I started working immediately after graduating from high school and this helped me save more money to get an accommodation for privacy reasons. By this i was able to set my goal and work towards achieving it without permitting any sort of distractions. I was able to advance my career and achieve a lot more ahead of me and i know i shouldn't have been able to achieve as much i have if i never took the step of leaving my comfort zone.
  2. Getting a scratch card to apply for an entrance examination on the deadline day: Procrastination can be so dangerous that it makes one remain in a low position for long and can lead to one's downfall if not taken with proper caution. I wanted processing admission to my dream university but needed to undergo a compulsory aptitude test that qualifies one for the next stage of the final entrance test. Before then,i procrastinated for months without being able to register for jamb, till that moment i found someone registering on the expire day. I made enquiry and was told that day was the deadline for registration for the jamb. So i hastened to the bank and search everywhere for scratch card including Jamb offices, Secretariats, banks and discovered all scratch card has been sold. God so good, i later stumbled into a young man at a cafe and was told he had one scratch card left on him (waiting to give it to someone), so i bought the scratch card so costly and finally made it through my registration process. By God's grace, Today I'm a graduate and this shouldn't have been possible sooner if i took laws to my hands by procrastination.

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