My Dance Video


I performed this dance without prior coordination

I hope you like it 😊


I almost like my own improvisational dances, but I like this one the most
Because I danced without thinking and I was free ...

also I love red 💖
I think you have noticed this by now
I even searched the market for 2 months to find my favorite red car 😁

Watch the video 😍🤩


عکس خطی قلب.png

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Beautiful freeform dance! It almost seems very traditional but to more modern music. Very lovely. I like the choice of music too. I am going to go look for more on Spotify.

I see you love the color Red. It's a nice POWERFUL color. I also noticed some neat houseplants in the background and to the side of the dance studio. I like them a lot 😊

Just wonderful seeing someone expressing themselves through cultural dance. I enjoyed it 😁


Hi dear friend
Thank you so much for your attention
Your comments were very interesting to me
I do not know exactly whether you said this is a traditional or modern dance, because in my country less people choose this dance.
And in terms of music, I was really looking for a song, and when I heard that, I really liked it and I immediately danced to it.
Interested in telling me more about Spotify?
As for houseplants, I have a lot more in my room and they are my kids
And finally, in the case of dance, I do it hard and secretly, because my country is Islamic and it rejects it, hoping for security and freedom all over the world.