happy almost finished Sunday to all, already in the final stretch of this weekend and thus start a Monday on the right foot, I hope that everyone from @onchainart and everyone in general in #hive have taken advantage of this weekend o at least they had a good time, here again creating and posting and this time changing a little what I was doing and now I will comment


At least 95% of what I post are characters, varied in themes and styles, whether they are created 100% by me in concept, theme and appearance or maybe it is a fanart but I want to vary much more creating not only characters but also illustrations artistic with deeper concepts and this is one of them that I will tell you what it means

This is an illustration that represents what would be the distance between people, that sometimes they do not know each other or sometimes they do know each other but there is something that keeps them at a distance, for some reason they stay that way until one day there is a moment where They get closer and from one moment to another things change, I wanted to interpret that in this illustration where each one has different shades showing that they are like night and day in personalities and the central part is the mysterious distance, which does not allow to be until that the time comes, who has not lived these rare moments of destiny?

and here the process




and here ends the last post of the day here in #hive at least I think that for now I will not do more until tomorrow hahaha anyway I hope you like it and I wish you a good week tomorrow, until next time

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