blind iron scales, fantasy dragons

good night friends of @onchainart, a while ago I started what was a series of illustrations of various dragons, dragons with a little history and characteristics and today I am a little eager to continue it and here is the first one after so long
The blind iron scales is a blind dragon which moves at night and moves with great ease and agility since it has optimal and highly evolved senses, it is a dragon that measures 6 meters long and almost 3 meters high so It is classified as a medium dragon, these dragons centuries ago decided to leave the caves where they lived so their eyes were not necessary because of the darkness in which they lived, when leaving the caves they evolved in some aspects such as scales that are literally so hard as iron, its front legs were transformed into bone daggers that when hitting them generate the sound and frequency necessary to know what is in its environment and it has a highly evolved ear which, being extremely necessary, were recovered from scales that hide their orifices but even so these scales amplify the sound, it is a carnivorous dragon but it is not to attack towns or human settlements
and here the process



And here comes today's post, I hope you like it soon more