I went to a wedding with my amazing family


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A great reason to gather

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a wedding for a friend of mine named Jake and his wife Samantha. This was my first wedding in several years. My parents and brother are also good friends with this man and his family. This meant that we all had a perfect reason to spend a Saturday night together in West Virginia. My family hadn't had the chance to all be with one another since last Christmas, it had been far too long. I was able to go see my brother in Pennslyvania earlier this summer, but my parents hadn't visited with him in nearly a year. Of course, his homecoming meant that his beautiful fiancé Kristian would be coming back too. I was surprised to know that they also brought their two dogs Nala and Littleton with them as well. This was very long overdue, although it was only for a short weekend.

Congrats to the bride and groom!


You know @flowerbaby was by my side

Before the wedding, my girlfriend @flowerbaby and I captured some photos downtown. It has already gotten pretty cold here, so jackets were a must. My girl was glowing and looking absolutely stunning. Take a look at a few of the first photos that we took.




I finally got to wear the new suit that my parents got me for my birthday earlier this month. I had been holding on to this thing for several weeks now. I love the color so much!




To the garage

After some photos down on the walkway, we ventured up a few floors towards my car. My Audi matched my outfit perfectly, so I insisted that we grab some pictures. The lighting was kind of bad in this area, but I'd rather have these photos than none with my whip.



Let's go even higher

We were far from finished with our photography escapade. We took the elevator to the top of the garage and landed on the 7th floor. It was here that we had perfect lighting and a grand view of downtown Charleston. Just look at those earrings and necklaces that @flowerbaby wore. She is such a stylish lady.




The direct sunlight was what finally encouraged @flowerbaby to take off her jacket and show off her sexy dress. I really enjoyed how the length was offset over one knee. The dark green paired well with my suit too. She is such a babe. Take a close look at the flower heels she has on her feet.




It was a bit bright up on the roof, but at least there were no shadows to deal with. I really just cannot get enough of the teal and black combo. This outfit suits me perfectly, I was feeling myself.







It didn't take long for @flowerbaby to require her jacket once again. The poor gal freezes so easily. She pulled out a purse that I had never seen. I was a big fan of the shiny blue. Don't let me fail to mention that she wore nails, which is totally something she wouldn't normally do. She went all out for this wedding and so did I.




Time for the wedding

This event took place at our local Marriot Hotel. This is one of the nicer places in town and it was actually my first time anywhere in the place except the restaurant on the first floor. We went upwards to the third floor where The Pavillion was located. The wedding was outside, but the reception was inside a giant tent. It all went over very well and I thought it was a beautiful wedding.




After the ceremony

Now that the most extravagant area was empty, we couldn't resist the blatant option to pose with each other. First, it was @flowerbaby and I together. We both had a few glasses of wine since the first hour was totally free. Not sure if you can see by the giant smiles on our faces, but we had a slight buzz. Normally we do not drink, but we couldn't pass on the free wine with everyone else doing the same. It is as if they wanted everyone in the place to get tipsy.



My mom and dad are the best

If you ever wonder how in the world is @daltono so amazing, then look at these two people for the answer. This couple created me and gave me a fantastic childhood. My mom is gorgeous and loves bright colors as do I. My dad has a great sense of humor and can have a conversation with literally anybody, just like me. I'm lucky to share both of those traits.


My brother and his lady

Chez and Kristian were having a great time being home and surrounded by friends and family. It is crazy to think they have been living in Pennsylvania for so long now. Before we know it, they will be getting married too. I'm so happy that they have each other and never have to feel alone in this world.



The whole fam is here

Next up was a group photo of all six of us. We quickly jumped into a couple of different poses and each put on our best smiles. This was one of the first times we all were in photos together in 2021. I'd say we were the sexiest sextet that Charleston, WV has ever seen.



We love our momma

My mom is more than comfy in the spotlight, my dad on the other hand isn't much for photos. I'm sure that he was happy to be finished with the modeling. This left my brother Chez and I to sandwich our wonderful mother. I am always happy to see her smile and I know this day reminded her of all the wonderful memories we have as a family.



Two brother unlike any other

I only have one sibling and that would be this guy here. I'm freshly 29 years old and he will be turning 26 in March. We have been around each other pretty much our entire lives. Only the last few years has he lived many hours away. We both continue living our happy lives, but I know we both often think of one another.



The last combination

We ended the photo session with a lovely photograph of the two brothers with their beautiful women. We both are lucky men to be paired with such notable gems. I think it is pretty obvious from this image that all four of us are blessed to have one another. I wouldn't trade these people for anything.


Well that is the end of this one people. I hope you enjoyed the abundance of photos and me showing off my favorite people in our best-looking attire. I'm so happy that I was finally able to see my family in one room together again. I am also psyched for my buddy Jake and his wife Samantha. This was a day to remember for many, that is for certain.


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Ohhh! how beautiful you both looked super elegant and tasteful. love Flowebaby's dress, her makeup, everything is spectacular.

Congratulations to the bride and groom! Lots of love to everyone.


I appreciate it the comment a lot. @flowerbaby put together an amazing look for this event. I loved her hair too!


Lookin pretty dapper bro! That jacket is awesome. Looks like y'all all had a great time and you definitely got some awesome shots! Thanks for sharing with us here.


Man I appreciate that. The jacket hit my style on the dot.
It’s crazy what a smartphone camera is capable of these days.


Yes, those smartphones are getting crazy good. That jacket matched those rims really well! hahaha Take care browski!