Hlo friends. Hi gud evening
Today i wanna talk about poverty.poverty is a social evil
This evil is wide spread around the globe .

Poverty is about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter .. same as poverty is the lack of food clothing, medicine, education and other important things for survival in the world.....
It is very sad that rate is rapidly rising with each passing day.

This evil is wide spread around the globe.poverty is lead to many problems like poor , education, domestic violence, unemployment etc... Government of each country puts many efforts to eradicate poverty and help the poor
I think Health and education are fundamental rights of people.Thesé should be free by the government.
In India most of the people who are suffering from poverty can not afford to pay for a single meal a day.
How to reduce povertyEncourage countries to engage in trade as a path out of poverty..Trade is the key to growth.
Education must be free
Health care is essential.
So that children can grow up healthy and strong.

We can help by supporting our work in developing countries around the world.
Create jobs
Empower a girl or woman
Prevent child marriage
I think poverty can be solved by improving food security by providing three meals a day and making them healthy and providing houses for those people at low cost and giving them education..
Thanks..🥰 Thanks for stopping and reading..


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