Life is unpredictable

*hello are you .. *
I hope you all good .. Last few days most difficult for me. From that days i learnt one thing that life is unpredictable..

It has its ups and downs.. life has good days and bad days. We will never know what life has in store for us... Some time there are far better things in the does not always bring happiness and gives us all that we want .
It does not move according to our wishes ....some time we have to make important decisions.

Life is unpredictable and we really don't know what can happen to our loved ones and us the next minute... That's why i always tells that we should always priority our relationships over our ego . We never know what can be last words to someone...what will happen in our lives, good or bad.. never forget to celebrate and appreciate the good times ..
We have to enjoy our present moment . Grief is the deep sadness and loss feel when someone we love dies.. it takes time to cope with the loss and find ways to adapt..
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