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Today my topic is education.Education is the most important topic for every one.I think education is must for all rounder development..I literally believe that education should be free in every country.If A person will educate then country will progress..____________________________________________________________Goverment should take some step.It is difficult to survive now a days without any knowledge . without basic knowledge people don't know about their rights and responsibilities. I wanna share a famous proverb Education is the key to success. ___________________________________________________________
____ with the help of education people becomes better citizens. Education teaches us morals justice and self dependent life.It is the most powerful weapon to change the world 🌍🌎🥰.by Nelson Mandela. _____________________ Some people want to be doctor,some Engineer etc ,this is the only way to become is good education. It makes us independent..** Education system:** The main problem is i don't like the system of education here .,which is too costly.Everyone can't efford. Why education is very costly in India. Because Government school and colleges are not well properly system and limited seats in colleges etc , too many reasons behind this .. People think that education is not good in Government school or college.... And the private schools are too expensive.____________________________________________________ every person prefer private schools but poor people can't efford private schools. I don't understand the system of education. Government should take some step ... Every one goes a days one person from each family settle in abroad.. because of poor system... education should be free...