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I literally just managed to reach Gold League power level a couple hours ago. I've been drooling over reaching these levels to unlock those Gold Level bonuses on all these cards. Now I just have to figure out how to pay to upgrade them. lol

In the Earth Splinter, Stone Golem gets Stun, which I'm a BIG fan of. Especially since that knock out ruleset seems to appear quite often. I'm also looking forward to using the new Pelacor Mercenary card which is a flyer and gets Heal at level 6. Almost an upgraded version of the Sea Monster without quite as much offense. And it's still cheap so fairly easy to upgrade. Throw in a level 4 Flesh Golem with Heal and it will take some serious firepower to take your guys out before you decimate the other side.

The Unicorn Mustang adds Reflect to Void and paired with Prismatic Energy (Neutral) which adds Void to Reflect, could be a pretty potent anti-magic defense duo. Lots of options. Of course using those in tandem will require a fairly large mana battle but...I'm assuming those become more prevalent in higher leagues...?

I'm also looking forward to trying Baby Unicorn out with the Life Splinter. She adds Swiftness to Strengthen and it seems like adding Speed to Lorna Shine's Divine Shield could really be deadly in possibly getting 2 or even 3 good shots in from lower health back row monsters before the opponent can take them out. Throw in Silvershield Sheriff with 4 range damage, Snipe, Piercing, and Protect (at level 6), and you could do some serious damage before the enemy even gets a chance to do any damage. I also like the Sandworms Snare ability to take out those pesky end-of-the-line flyers. The Shieldbearer also adds Shield to Taunt which should really help with his survivability.

So, assuming you have enough mana, you can use Lorna Shine with Divine Shield, Shieldbearer to soak up all attacks early, Baby Unicorn to add +1 health and +1 speed, and the Silvershield Sheriff to possibly buff armor and deal out 4 back row damage with Snipe and Piercing. And you'll probably get to use him at least twice, most likely three times before anyone starts doing major damage to you. Unless of course they're using the same line-up against you. :-)

Fire and Water both have some great upgrades as well including Spark Pixies getting Stun and the Flame Imp adding Swiftness. Combine those two low-mana cards with plus speed from Pyre and those Pixies should be even harder to hit with 8 speed and flying. The Sea Monster also gets Thorns, which is never a bad thing. The only problem with those two Splinters is that they tend to be pretty expensive to upgrade things as I'm discovering they are probably the most popular Splinters.

Those are just a couple of the early thoughts I've got. I'm sure there will be lots more as I start upgrading other cards and start winning and losing battles.

Good write!!

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Unicorn Mustang + Prismatic energy is a great anti magic pair! two monsters with magic reflect are great againt magic blast teams (or magic teams in everybody blasts rulset), since they both will reflect back!!