FINALLY, mercifully my computer stopped being slow, and stopped crashing enough for me to get my UFC recap up!! This computer can be such a pain man!!! But I'm lucky I have it, as it's not even actually mine.

But yeah, it's a nice chill, rainy Sunday and I am liking it. Feels like fall!

Football ALL DAY!! Feels soooooo good. My boy will be here next to me to enjoy it! I bet this will be the first NFL Sunday he remembers at least somewhat vividly.

I hope the Titans smash the Giants so they can rest their starters for their big game against the Bills next week. But I just want an opening week win, period! Only seventeen games, every win counts!

Looking forward to a regular day of getting stuff done otherwise. I plan on doing a recap post of the NFL, a power rankings post, and more previews once again. I want to maybe make some card posts today as well.

I'm in a decent mood mentally, stressed, but life is stress, life is risk, nothing is for sure, except me and how hard I work.

Gonna make a lil breakfast for my boy, and get ready for some FOOTBALL BABY.

Gotta get my steps in somehow too while I'm at it, can't forget those!!

Hive is approaching 60 cents? Pretty cool man.

Hive on folks.