Why Polycub will do well in time to come: the dip is not a factor

From my wealth of experience in cryptocurrency for over 8 years now, I have come to realize that one of the major movers of market are true investors and good team players that make up the project team.


The project team behind polycub headed by @khaleelkazi have so far been really pushing the project to another level. Recently, he announced the massive onboarding of users through the TikTok, a very wise and highly innovative move.

TikTok is one of the most influential community when it comes to users. Harnessing such power of the social media is a very brilliant move.

When a project has a leader who is a visionary and thinks ahead, the chances of failure is very minimal. The reputation of such a leader also matters and so far I have seen, the concerns of the community about the project are always addressed.

The ability to carry the community along on every inch of development also matters and from what I have seen so far, it has been impressive. Now, do all this alone make a cryptocurrency project successful, definitely not, there are more.

The community and investors

The community plays the biggest role in the success of any project you can ever think about in the crypto world. They are the ones who believe in the project and buys into it.

LeoFinance community so far from my observation have had a good positive mindset towards the project and almost everyone is keying into it. This is an obvious sign that the project has potential.

One thing about having a good a large dedicated community members is that they have the power of attracting huge investors into the crypto projects.

Before an investor would want to invest in any project, one of the very important thing he check outs for is the number of the community members.

The community members the higher the chances of the investor going in Big with the project.

In line with the above the founder and team lead of the Polycub has actually done a great job by opening up an account specifically for Leofinance and all this is an attempt to also build large community.

It obvious he understands the principle behind having a large community members increases my faith in the success of the project.

My views

If the team continues this aggressive mass awareness about the polycub project and also continues the public awareness both on all social media outlets available, definitely it will do very well.

The importance of having a very large patriotic community is indispensable. I am happy at the creation of the @leogrowth account, dedicated to ensure that a community grows. One of the ways this has been done is to attract newbies to make post.

Do the current price matter?

Oh yes it does and infact, this is the Best time to bag your coins. One thing about new projects is that, it is always full of doubters who are yet to fully key into the project. They dump at the slightest pump and then wait for a dip to buy back.

I always tell people, when you see a project with good potential, put in your money after conviction and then go to bed. At the onset there will always be doubts but at the long run, it will pay off.

Cryptocurrency is not for the faint in heart. Always invest with what you can easily path with.

Useful link


You can use this link to purchase your coins and possibly stake them to earn more. A brilliant way to increase your investment.

Recently, the price has been on a dip plunge, this is just the perfect time to bag more coins. Coins will always rise and fall, this is how market moves. Volatility in a market is what drives the market for people to make gains.

Never allow dip on coin to deter you from seeing the bigger picture ahead. Polycub is just to me on the right track with all the plans in place.

LeoFinance community so far is just doing wonders and I am highly impressed. The Polycub

Remember, cryptocurrency investment is never but without risk. Invest what you can afford to loose but before you do at all, always do your research to find out more about the project.

Polycub is just to me but another project that will wao a lot of persons.

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