Curator Cat on Caturday: Warm House — Rain Stopped Play?

Greetings beautiful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia and surrounding communities! I hope everyone is having a great day and for many of you, that you are having an awesome time at HiveFest!

Yes, it's the weekend again... and that means CATURDAY, my favorite day of the week... time for some cat photos!

Contemplating a busy week...

Enjoying a peaceful day today; the Hoomans have lots of things going on over the next few weeks... there will be upheaval in the house.

Next weekend our new "lodger" arrives, in the form of an older cat named "Smudge" coming to live with us. Smudge's Mom-Hooman is moving to the Dominican Republic, and my Hoomans have agreed to let Smudge live out her golden years with us here, because she can't make the trip to a foreign country.

So there will soon be new cat photos for Caturday!


Fortunately, Smudge is used to being with another cat, and used to being with a dog.

We just hope she'll settle in peacefully, and that we'll all get along.

I just can't imagine letting go of your fur-friends, even if you're moving to another country... but Hoomans do what Hoomans do.


Rains Gonna Come...

Meanwhile, this is one of those weekends I am particularly happy to be an indoor cat!

I know we live in a particularly wet part of the country, but this weekend is unfolding to be spectacularly rainy... here's the rain forecast for the next 3 1/2 days:

We live in the blue spot in the middle of all the red and orange! Source

Perhaps we'll get off more lightly than those around us... part of the benefit of living on what the Hoomans call the "Rain Shadow" of the nearby mountains.

I'll take my warm cat beds, thank you!

Other Bits and Pieces...

So many exciting things happening in Hivelandia, these days! Sometimes I'm not sure which way to turn... perhaps the best thing to do is simply make peace with the reality that we can't hope to keep up with everything new.

Been watching the "Hive Punks" phenomenon take off running; new developments at LeoFinance... and meanwhile Bitcoin reached another new All Time High.

I'm glad to be part of this whole experience! For the moment, my own modest goal is to just reach 2,500HP by the end of the year. Don't know if I'll make it... time will tell!

Thanks for coming by, and Happy Caturday to all!



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