Rising Star Progress #1



It was some time ago my last post about my @risingstargame progress but I decided to make this posts again.

Current Status

Currently, I am at level 121 trying to reach level 125 to be able to do the next mission in the Country Tour zone.


I am having very difficulties to reach the 125 level.

These are my current stats


I need to be carefull since my ego starting to grow up and maybe I will need to do some music lessons.

Acoording to this I currently have 310 cards.
Hovewer checking the Payers ranking it says that I only have 295 cards.

Player Ranking

This week I moved from 357 ranking to 264.
According to the Players ranking I have 156 unique cards in 295 total cards that gives me a 4790 IM.
This week I played 1601 minutes.

I want to reach at least the top 100 as soon as possible since in the past I was in that position.

Buy Packs

During this week I bought 5 new pacjs but unfortanelly i get some repeated cards.
From now on, I will buy as much as possible packs during the week.






Testing new funcionalitues

I also tested the new PvP Battle functionality that is being developed.


I really dont know how the final functionality will work but it will be nice if exist like a Startbitx fee to do the PvP that will automatically burned and each player can select the card from deck that will use in the PVP.
Example: Each player needs to pay 100 Starbits. The winner wins 90 Starbits and 10 Starbits are automatically burned.

Another suggestion is each card shall only be used 1 time each 24h to make fair for every player.

I hope you like my progress report see you in the next one.