What's Going On Proofofbrain 😑If We're Not Hold This Level We Dump To 20 cents😭


The price is going to go stable again.we are in position to win wherever the market goes. you can see from our price chart. we did a price prediction implode power.
We stay fully transparent as we talk and go through these market predictions we play the weakness into the marketing. where the market has gone we wasn't extremely weak because if we were extremely in the price and we would have to expect the price to come all the way down to 22 cents.
We didn't expect we only expected slight weakness to come to the market and pob is precisely. where the market came in and hug support how you're able to win into the market this is how you're able to capitalize on price movement and not become over greedy.

We expected the market to come in and grab support around 23 cents. the downside what we were still able to eat the downside though you can see over the next thing we might actually see some upward movement in pob the price can actually hit 23 cents. we away from this price and pob hitting 22 cents.
The price and pob go into 23 cents .we see that actually play we've already identified it and i would say the price and pob going up this market continues to see some upward movement. the price can come back down at 23 cents you have to remember you need to understand .

You need to maybe skip off some profitability at those price locations the price in pob this is a massive area of support in pob the price chart has maintained or the price has maintained itself above 23 cente.

The price and pob has been able to maintain this is going to be vital in my price prediction as long as the price and pob is able to hold i'm expecting the market to move up.

The market in pob has held 22 for a very long time the price is willing to hold market there if there's enough demand and interest of people willing to buy pob at least around 23 cents.

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