Terra Luna Market Actually Changed Its Direction From Trending High In Price! Next Target 🎯 Price Is 40 $


This price prediction go on into the market into terra and the market to go up and it wasn't massive it wasn't big i mean the price didn't even come up to our ultimate area of terra market we did our follow-on price prediction the market only came up to 35 dollars.
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This prediction locked down the highest the marketing or terra is not extremely strong all the market in terra is underperforming is how this price has been hugging the support.when you see strength into the market on a price you expect the market to be elevated as time goes on .
We haven't gotten the market in terra. we've been hugging the support line the price is still hugging support is underperforming simply means the market is not finding interest demand people don't want to increase the price they don't willing to buy the market and cannabis if people willing to buy at a certain price level .

The price goes stable because there's no one there willing to buy.if they're not willing to buy it at 34 dollars the market in the terra is underperforming and i had to tell you i'm looking for the price to go up.
The price is going to go up the only way the market in terra will not go down is our support line. it nothing else can keep the market up we have to see this market in terra hold this line 34 dollars.you just imagine how low the price can go there's no bottom.

We got this small area of trading the market terra came stable.we can see the marketing i'm just trying to set your mind i'm just setting your mind trying to set your expectations to see where the marketing work.
the market from dropping will he be successful we're currently going through this phase.we're still seeing weakness into the market.

The market that doesn't have any demand to try to uplift price outside of like the market continues to hold support at 33 dollars.we're trying to get ahead of the game we need to be predictors and forecasters in the market.

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