Solana Looks Bullish Long Term But Hold Your Horse Market Analysis


You're still seeing the strength in the market in solana on the sep you're still in the market we need to expect and predict prices and see where the market's going to go this is very important we was following the market in solana.
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What do you think we need to do i mean generally the price is still going up in solana.the market is not necessarily following that line.the price generally is hugging. we're keeping real close we can still pretty much say that the price in solana is still going up.
We saw this rejection coming to the market in solana though because the information is already on the market and you can literally tell. where the rejection came in .we're not blind we can see it on the price see how many days the market in solana back in august of 2021.

We're not confused we see exactly what the market is trying to do until that time meaning until the price breaks up above 168 dollars. we're gonna go up at best consolidate the market in solana may actually be following this trend.
I'm not really expecting the market to hold. what i'm seeing so far is the market in solana possibly consolidating. if you think the same see how this market has been consolidating.we can possibly see the same thing.we can kind of expect.

What the market looks like on a longer time frame.we saw the price in solana come all the way up to 160 dollars.if the market in solana truly was strong would emphasize this market will continue to go up but it didn't the market closed at the high which is conclusive on what we saw the strength there's a lot of interest in solana investers are trying to come in and take control and advantage of this price movement to the upside.

We would saw the price close around 170 dollars.we closed at the high of the bar is strength people came in and bought up the extra coins the market in solana the price in solana go up the market may try to come in even around 165 dollars.

The market in solana is extremely bullish meaning the market is wanting to go up. we see movement higher. we are definitely seeing the market in solana wants to go up. we're going to do in this play is we're going to see the price and predict that it's going to go up.We still see the price in solana come up to 165 dollars.

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