Solana Has A Few Bullish Pattern Forming!|| Solana Back At Our Support Area Next Target Price 190 Dollars Deeply Market Analysis


The solana market has finally came to where we expected it to go the price went stable and they was expecting the market to go up and it did he just took you out the way before he brought the price to where he expected it to go.
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You're willing to profit into the solana market don't tell the market did go down. the market in solana come back up and close above our area support even on particular instance. we was golden we knew the market was still good and anticipated to go up in price because the market came back the next day on september and close above our area at 170 dollars.
The market you able to grab the market in solana being in an upward trend. you still see the market in solana going high in price so far. we need to identify a couple more areas we got a little bit more information on the chart. we need to see the market is still in an uptrend in solana but how high can we go we really see the price and trying go up 45 percent.

This market price in solana all the way up to 166 dollars.where price is currently trading literally all-time highs on this particular exchange can solana really make all-time highs. the market ended up closing .
We've definitely seen market volume and selling occur over the last somedays.the market has gotten inundated with people trying to their coins this is the reason. why the market and solana came around 165 dollars when the market got pump in price and literally scared a lot of people the market those people have been holding.

They're finally coming and breaking they're trying to look good. i'm ready to get out this position i'm happy at least to break evil why this volume is increasing up in solana over the last five trader days.the market buy it up was there's enough interest into the market the market to wipe all of buying out.

It wants to go higher in price that is something we need to identify and the market in solana is still being inundated with selling and buying the market is going to stabilize for a little bit meaning.we're going to trade sideways hold 167 dollars price

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