Leo With A Bullish Move! Leo Has Reached Critical Support Deeply Market Analysis


What the leo market has done in regards to what we expected it to do.
images 27.jpeg
We expected it to go up. the market was going to try to grab some support and leo there around 26 cents.the market support was going to come in leo there around 26 cents .you could have gotten in position there bought the price bought the market.
You could have elevated your profitability. the market in leo there and you can see our our chart is here around 30. we need to make it more applicable to where the market has gone and what we expected to do going forward. you can see we are in a very steep uptrend into the market in leo.

We are in a very steep uptrend you think that's going to last because obviously we all need to follow under the same mind frame and say well this price can't continue to go up. we have to expect the market to eventually break this line.
What point would you expected it we going to be successful this go around in testing the trend in leo the market in leo looks pretty decent .what is being reflected on the price and i'm not an extreme bull in the markey in leo.

I'm just simply saying i'm not really expecting the market to go exceedingly higher than. what we've already gone because the last couple of day price bars you can see there was a little bit more selling involved into the market in leo.

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