Leo Still Has Enough Energy To Continue To Go Higher? Market Again Depends On Hive Market Analysis


The marketing leo one thing we didn't get correct is the restriction level.
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We originally had our restriction level there around 28 cents.but the market found restriction at 25 cents. it wasn't too far from where we expected it to go you would like to criticize people they didn't get something exactly.

We was in the vicinity.i'm comfortable with seeing how the market and leo pretty much got rejected the only thing that didn't get we definitely got the prediction though in terms of letting the price go down this restriction level.
We are still hitting ultimate price the market initially started out trading sideways went up and then it came back down no problem no issues. the market in leo this is the current area.we need to be watchful for in terms of bullishness we need to see in order for this market price and leo to go up it has to break above 28 cents .

The market in leo also got rejected at 25 cents. we're not going to be acting surprised this market and leo cannot do take a look the marketing leo still saw rejection at 28 cents. you can actually learn how to read the chart it don't take the bold of your best to understand this look at without price breaking above 28 cents.
We understand where we're going to go the majority of the prices of all the trades that has occurred in leo has happened below look at all these trades the price action occurs below 28 cents.

Why would anyone try to tell you we're going to hit a 30 cents in in market move and you're in leo the price in leo continue plunging can the price continue to go stable most definitely.

I'm going to extend this ascending line.where we need to pay attention we just need to see the marketing leo come and bounce off this market this is where we can buy the price well. the market's going to continue to go up we need to buy towards this market value because the price is cheaper for one and we are under the expectation the market's going to continue to move higher.

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