Leo 🦁 Back In Bullish Pattern ! Leo Is Ready To Go To 45 Cents Soon


The market to go up. you see the price in leo did go up. we should have grabbed the bag the market move higher. you see the same thing because the market came and grabbed support around 25 cents.
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We had our ultimate area of all the way up which still is a pretty good profit. the market obviously has changed its direction changed its momentum because recently the last some days the price in leo started to go up and it definitely went up massively.
You can see the market in leo moves higher and then also take a look at the volume is the lifeblood of every particular market and when you see a whole lot of volume come in any particular time. what was the type of result. we got a lot of volume came to the market in leo.

What happened into the market in leo with this high volume the market closed off of the high there was some selling going on into the market in leo. which convincingly look at it was there around restriction point. we've identified in leo recently there around 30 cents.
People were still selling in the market and the price is going to continue to go up no it doesn't mean that it just simply means there's a little bit more sellers the market's gonna have to get out the way. we see price resume up higher the only thing the price in leo.

We want to see if it's over for us to see the price and the market in leo is doing two great things and one of them is the market is still confirming.the overall trend the market trend in leo is still intact so as long as price keeps itself above.

What we're going to go up you can be rest assured that as long as the price and leo continues to trade above that line. we got some restriction areas. we need to keep in and we were able to see in leo recently is the fact it was able to hold 30 cents.

We need to keep hold of throughout the month of october price has to stay one above the line price has to keep itself above 35 cents that is keeping this price and the elevated probability the mark's gonna continue to go up.

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