Hurry Again Bitcoin Is Ready To Break Out Continue To Go Up And Hit 🎯 48,000 $ Soon🤫

The market in bitcoin.the price will not be all the way down the price will be up at the high we're not this looks worrisome for those who are looking for the price and bitcoin to go up you can see on the market as well the price also is breaking the trend to the upside again.
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We don't want to see we are bitcoin in order for us to be alleviated of this concern and fear as to where price is going to go the market is already telling us what to expect it's acting weak. it's acting like it doesn't want to go up this is definitely weakness look at the price in bitcoin from one week price bar .
The next look at this the market went higher on the next weeks the marketing bitcoin and not only was it weakness the volume was also heavier only by slightly but it was heavier who were participating in this market and bitcoin was selling their currencies into the market.

What were you doing were you buying it the price and bitcoin may be going a little bit lower. i'm already seeing an area of support into the market and trying now would you agree with me and could be a support price in bitcoin could you see this market price and bitcoin hold support that's going to be our first area for us to look for the market and trying to go.

You all to see this we ended last week the market price in bitcoin one dipped.we saw the price come up came in and hugged this line and close on the high of the bar is extremely strong the price in bitcoin. the market is trying to go somewhere and it looked like it was to go up we are starting this week already on strength.we need to determine support i'm seeing 43000 dollars.
The market in bitcoin to showed up can see where price is we're up there around 43000 dollars.we were there price came up.we gonna see the same thing again in bitcoin.the market really buying up bitcoin because they're looking for the price to go exceedingly higher throughout the rest of this month.

What do you think it looks as the market is trying to uphold price from crashing because they want to move this price up higher. what do you all think this market is filling in bitcoin.we've seen the market go up we've seen the market come down we got high volume currently closed in the middle of the price bar. the market can really go either way for the month of october.

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