Cub finance 🦁Looks Bullish Short Term But Hold Your Horse Market Hit 🎯 45 $ Cents Deeply Market Analysis


The price has been going up in cub finance. you were able to grab profitability in the down move in cub finance literally the day. the market actually came down to 38 cents.
You had opportunity to eat a little bit 10 percent. we could have gotten out the market while price and cub finance went down. it didn't go no further prices been going up. you didn't grab if you were to get off the play the price may be going back up.
You a very broad look into the market of cub finance. we're still in a very good uptrend into the market in cub finance even though the market in cub finance is trading around 50 cents as long. we're going to go up in price the broad look into the market in cub finance.

We want to see if the market of cub finance is going to continue to give us some strength. we're still in position to capitalize onto the play. we got rejected into the market in cub finance there on the beginning of oct of 2021.
The price in cub finance got rejected not be surprised if the market in cub finance does not break above 45 cents be surprised. we already went through this in the beginning of oct the strength is being elevated it is being maintained we can still kind of understand the general market of cub finance is still one of strength rather than one of extreme weakness .

We can still see from the chart perspective. we're trading at this restriction point the price in cub finance can still come down.we look at this from a longer view perspective. we still see cub finance go up in price this market in cub finance come up to 38 cents.

We're gonna see the price come down either we're going to hold 50 cents.we're going to continue to come down.i'm expecting a market in cub finance to try to go through the market in cub finance is still showing us pretty good strength.

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