Bitcoin Is Ready To Break Out Continue To Go Up And Again Hit 🎯 55,000 $ Soon🤫


We were still looking for the price to go up maybe around 48,300. what happened the market pump the market came and hit our price.
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We were in position the price pumped in bitcoin that's a great call this is how you're able to call the market and win in this space the market pump i mean just imagined.if you saw someone come in and i'm looking for the price and bitcoin to go up to around 48,000 dollars well .
You was looking for the market to go higher than we didn't we said around 48,000 look for the market to hit and come back pump and is exactly what occurred on september the market simple because for us it is our purpose he's out there moving to market price to we're looking at you can see. we was eyeing the price in bitcoin.

What point have we seen the trend break on the market broke trend there on september.the price to go up in bitcoin the market confirmed that trend was broken on september.The trend of higher price broken in bitcoin we got this is one reason why the bulls the trend broke.
The next outcome we can get the best outcome we can get to see this market in bitcoin consolidate and then maybe just we can see the price and bitcoin go up in price. we're going to create the trend what a trend is in bitcoin we need to expect the price to bounce we need to expect the price to come up hit .

We break up the price breaks out one either what we're expecting to see into the market we going to break up we going to break.we're not really seeing the strength the market is stable .

The market doesn't look as erratic we don't see we can actually benefit we also will if price cannot break above 49,000. we're not going to go up we know the price is not going to go up and we can expect the price to continue upward .

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