Bitcoin Brokedown Where Will We Bounce?One More Pumping Coming For Bitcoin Deeply Market Analysis

We expected it to go. we wasn't extremely bearish in the sense we were looking for the market to pump. we had our support area there around 55,000 dollars.
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We was close to vicinity to where we were looking for the market to go. the price was going to come back up.this is how you're able to win.this is how you're able to time and entry out of positions and predictions. you got to see these things the market actually does it you understand when to get in the market price in bitcoin is under value all .
We see on a price chart.we able to see bitcoin being undervalued based off. what this price is reflecting do you think it's undervalued.the market price in bitcoin is undervalued then you should be able to give me a price as to where you think it should be trading at 55,000 dollars. the current price should be in the bitcoin if you think it's under value you can see it the market.

We've adjusted the playground. we was looking for the market in bitcoin to bounce in between our lines market actually was trading around 54,000 dollars. the marketing bitcoin we had it up there around almost 54,000 but rather the market determined it's gonna around 60,000.i'm going to move this line. we now know as long as this price in bitcoin is able to hold.
We're going to continue to do this all .we're going to continue to bounce in between those lines.we can see in the market get rejected now we're trading around 55,000 $.this restriction area is not really applicable in the market dynamics. we don't really need to continue to see price try to get rejected there this is the closest area of restriction.

The market in bitcoin can actually hit 60,000 dollars.the market is trading we definitely be paying attention to see the market's going to be able to break 55,000 $ to the upside.we can already predict and kind of see we're looking for the price of bitcoin to go up then we're expecting it to break 55,000.

The next hurdle will be around 54000 $.we think the market is undervaluing the bitcoin we're expecting the price to go up the current price. what we have currently for us to see the price go up still looks pretty good.

The market still is reflecting it wants to go up the last some day price bar.we currently traded on the market is showing the market in the bitcoin it is still the market strength in bitcoin is still reflecting price wants to go up.

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