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Auspicious Night Of Sharad Purnima by @preets


Today is Sharad Purnima. It is one of the most celebrated Purnimas in the Hindu calender. Night of Sharad Purnima is considered to be very auspicious in Hindu culture. Sharad means winter and Purnima means the full moon light. So It is the full moon night observed in the Hindu Calender month of Ashwin. Basically Sharad Purnima marks the end of Monsoon season and arrival of Winter season. Sharad Purnima is also known as Kojagiri Purnima, Kumara Purnima, Kaumudi Purnima in various parts of India.

Akwa Ibom Inheritance Pattern And Marriage Rites by @ekotmordemy


My state, Akwa Ibom state is a lovely place, blessed, divinely decorated and beautiful in diversity...An intended groom will start from what we know and call Introduction, he will go with his kinsmen to the very house of the soon to be bride but before now the man had already send information to the bride’s family and kinsmen, notifying them of when he will be coming so as to have them in attendance and of cause will not visit them empty handed because in our culture the younger persons does not visit an elder empty handed not to talk of your first visit and on delegate matters.

Boodle Fight With The Gang by @myawex


What I'm going to share you today is one the common way of eating together with their hands, no utensils allowed. This boodle fight is different from other boodle fights because we only have one type of dish. We only have here is chicken "halang halang" or chicken with chili...Since we are all men who will eat it we decided that we will cook the dish with chili or what we call it in our place chicken "halang halang" or chicken with chili...But before everything is going to start, you have to wash your hands first because it's your hands you are going to use no utensils allowed, that's what really boodle fight is.

Ekpo Cultural Day!!!! by @peckypeace


These are the maidens, in the fattening room. As you can see them. These is done in preparation of the young girls for marriage. Making them healthy, thick, beautiful and attractive in other for men to ask their hand in marriage. In our own generation, these particular culture do not exist any more. Why? Young women do not want to be fat but they want to be slim. There are some men today that do not want to marry fat women. During in my mummy days it occurred buy today it is not there. Things are constantly changing. New ideas, thought, development is taking place now in this 21st century.

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