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The Temple Of Canova In Possagno In The Province Of Treviso by @giorgiamolinaro


In this article I want to take you to discover this particular place that I think many of you already know because it is famous all over the world and is located at the foot of Mount Grappa in the province of Treviso in the town of Possagno. This temple is dedicated to Antonio Canova who was born in Possagno and when we arrive in front of this monument for a moment we seem to be in Greece but in reality we are in this beautiful town on the slopes of Monte Grappa. The visit inside this sacred place is free except when there are religious services, also because this place technically had to replace the old parish church of the town, but then Canova designed it with the intention that it should have housed his tomb, in reality Antonio Canova who died in 1822, never saw the temple completed, but the work was completed by his half-brother.

Afikpo North (Ehugbo) New Yam Festival by @apunawu


What I'm sharing with you is about the Afikpo North (Ehugbo) of Ebonyi State Nigeria. Afikpo is among the top largest and most developing cities or villages in the whole Igbo tribe in Nigeria...Afikpo yam festival is highly recognized in the whole Igbo land in Nigeria because the celebration of the new yam day is like a Christmas celebration day...The month for the Afikpo North (Ehugbo) new yam festival is always fixed between any day of the first week of August every year...Before there'll be a fixed and acceptable day for the yam festival, there'll be a spiritual breaking of cola-nut which is known by the villagers as Eleri Iwa Orji. Eleri Iwa Orji spiritual rites must be performed before any members of the villagers be allowed to harvest or eat their new yam which they got from the farm or any location.

The Figure Of Acehnese Traditional Musical Instrument Craftsmen (Rapa'i) by @my451r


It was a beautiful morning as I rode my motorbike along the winding road to the workshop where traditional Acehnese musical instruments were made. About 20 kilometers from the city center, this village is located....As soon as I arrived at his residence, I was immediately invited. There was a hut there filled with pieces of wood that had been cut from the material. Tengku Amad is his village's calling for him. Tgk Amad is a master craftsman of traditional Acehnese musical instruments who are more than 100 years old. This work has been carried out for approximately 40 years. Despite the fact that a person is getting old. Enthusiasm and energy, on the other hand, seem very strong for holding chisels and creating musical instruments.

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