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Eyo festival by @peters-daniel


The Eyo festival is the most celebrated festival in Lagos state situated in the western part of Nigeria.Its a tradition that has been in existence for ages and it is usually held on Saturdays.
This festival is otherwise known as Adamu Orisha Play,the headline of the event us gotten from the name of the festival"Eyo" which means masquerade.The Eyo festival is cultural and traditional masquerade display which usually emerged from the king's palace or any of his cabinet members.

Ao Dai by @kimloan


The Ao Dai has undergone many transformations throughout the history of Vietnam. The style of Ao Dai depends on the region of origin and social status. It is designed pretty simple but very discreet, charming, and sexy.
Ao Dai is draped in a shape that is loose around the chest and stomach. So it can fit many shapes of women's bodies. The variations of the Ao Dai can be worn for any occasion and are perfect for various climates. Typically, they are made from silk or cotton fabric with delicate details like embroidery and sequins. But nowadays, they can also be found in other materials like polyester.
So on what occasions are Ao Dai worn?
Typically, Vietnamese people wear it on special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and other rites.

Reflecting the arrival of a new child. by @jay-one


The naming ceremony in my culture is always taken seriously because we the yorubas believe that a child eventually lives out the meaning of his or her name.
A child's name is mostly derived from the family circumstances before the child is given birth to.Long standing traditions,professions or religion play a significant role in selecting names for a baby.For instance those with the name Babatunde ,Babajide those whose name starts with Baba are those who were given north to around the passing of a family elder. Also when a woman gives birth to twins,they name the first child to come out Taiwo,while they name the second child Kehinde,but if she gives birth to three children then the third one would be named Idowu.

Cultural Ethnocentrism by @ghanaba


Africa Is a continent that is full of diversities in terms of people and culture. Despite these differences the people lives in peace with occasional conflicts among people of different culture. It even be said that, misunderstanding among intra-cultural group is even higher than conflicts among inter-cultural groups. It would be logical to conclude that African deals with diversities better than that of Europe and other continents. That notwithstanding, the menace of ethnocentrism is still prevalence in some parts of Africa. The term ethnocentrism refers to the belief that one's own culture is superior to other culture and thus you judge other cultures using your own yardstick and ideas. Anthropologists generally agreed that ethnocentrism is found in every culture. Every culture sees its practice as superior to all other cultures.

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