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My family's traditional holiday and I cherish it the most. by @trangtran23


Family is always the fulcrum, the place where I extend my arms to welcome me back after a long tiring day. But, suddenly the hustle and bustle of life, the separation of the aunt who had to travel in foreign lands, the Ut couple who had to work hard to collect, the father and mother who had to spend the sun and rain on the fields. field. Just for the sake of making a living, a piece of rice and clothes makes people forget each other.

History , significance and importance of Chhath puja by @okluvmee


Chhath Puja is a festival of Purity which is fully in the devotion and offering the prayer to the Solar Deity (SURYA DEV) in order to giving him the thanks for the bestOwing and also for the the existence of life on the earth .This festival is mainly observed by the people of Bihar and Nepal and this festival is also celebrated by the peoples of Uttar Pradesh who were used to live in the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh the two locations which were most prominent and famous for the celebration of Chhath Puja is Bakargaon in Nalanda and ular Sun Temple in Patna

Beautiful Sunday: My Culture my Heritage ( Igbo Nigeria) by @apunawu


Hello, friends how are you doing in today's #SublimeSunday as it is been initiated by @ace108. To be honest with you, this is the first time am posting this kind of images here just to keep life moving and as well gain more experience about tradition and nature as well, but today is #beautifulsunday.
Well, despite not being available on yesterday's Sunday culture jubilation of my village, i still followed up the celebration through social media.

To be Legally Married in Igboland Means Fulfilling the Cultural Demands of the Bride's Family: Meet My Friends by @salvadornkpara


Two love forks meet so years back and fell in love and suddenly they started cohabitating and gave birth to 4 children two boys and 2 girls apiece, but that's not the African way of marriage. To be married in the eyes of an African man most especially in Nigeria, you must go and do the traditional rites according to the bride's culture. This is when the in-lawship institution that gives full right for the man to own the children comes in, without this the Kalabari and Okrika will not give man custody of the children. Weekends are made for marriage and being a marriage guest gives me the previlege to officially present to you Mr and Mrs. Greetings from @salvadornkpara.

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