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The Smoked Catfish "Adwene", The Favourite Delicacy of Many Ghanaians by @collinz


Ghana is a multicultural society and with diverse tribes. Each of these tribes have their favourite delicacies and it's easy to tell the tribe a person belongs simply by observing the kind of food and meat that he or she normally eat. In Ghana a lot of people prefer the smoke fish from different species of fish ranging from Salmon, Tuna, Cassava fish, shrimps,Tilapia, Catfish and many more. are preferred by the majority of Ghanaians. Most Ghanaians prefer the smoked catfish because of its delicious flavor. It goes well in peanut butter soup, palm nut soup, garden eggs soup, and other Ghanaian traditional soups. A typical Asante man(someone from the Asante tribe) will not really appreciate his soup until he has had a taste of the smoked catfish and smelled the wonderful aroma it emits, it's smoky flavour. We call it "Adwene" in Ghana, which is literally translated as "brain" in English. I'm not sure why this fish was given this name, but it's a common belief in Ghana that any soup including "adwene" will definitely be delicious.

(ESP-ENG) De La Ciudad Al Campo, Costumbres Y Tradiciones. From The City To The Country, Customs And Traditions by @anamariag


My personal story begins on January 6, when I came to live permanently in the hamlet of Paso de Tacarigua, a place undoubtedly beautiful for its nature...Since 1961 a chapel called "Santa Cruz" was built in honor of this tradition, where Sunday to Sunday we gather for the celebration of the Holy Mass, it is so beautiful to be part of this community full of so much history and customs. At present the Cross is still venerated every May 3, to put in God's hands the harvest of that year, it is important for each locality to preserve their traditions and customs as part of that essence that identifies a place and gives that air of welcome to all who visit.

My love for Agriculture// My Experience Assisting Grandma In The Poultry Farm by @etorobong


So it was this morning grandma ask I should assist in the farm it was a great privileged to go and work there so I use the opportunity to ask Grandma so question. I ask what it takes to own a poutry farm she said going into poutry this days is not favorable since a lot of people what to participate in the farm without having proper knowledge of how to manage and keep the farm. She said I must be educated on how to manage and keep them alive, she said for her it was a passion she had for birds and she went to college to acquire more knowledge about it and get experience. Grandma said the birds are 5 weeks old and it amazes me how they grow fast , love the experience and would like to have mine I believe if I aquire knowledge and with the little experience I have here I will be different from other Farmers.

Egusi (Melon) And Elejede (Squash) Soup - Africa Recipe With Semovita || Heath Benefits of Elejede (Squash) by @vickoly


Today I'll love to share a unique Africa recipe of Egusi and Elejede soup recipe which is common to the Yoruba tribal people of the western part of Nigeria. Although I'm more of a baker than a cook, but on getting home some days ago, I was given a note by my young nephew which state that everyone went out for a program and won't be coming back until later in the night, so I should help out with some meal. This lead me into sorting for several fresh pepper and onoins vegetables from the garden, because I love eating fresh meal, I then pill some melon and grinding it alongside the pepper on the grinding stone(an ancient process of grinding). The Squash use as been cut into smaller pieces and sun dry, well preserve for future use, in days like this.

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