It's a GLADIUS CASE Haul... Let's See What's Inside!


What treasures are inside this Gladius Case?


Will the Gladius Case be filled with goodies or four commons and a rare? As usual, the gladius case will be opened one at a time with an instant reaction. Let's get started and see what's inside!

This time, at time the end, there will be a score at the end from 0.0 to 10.0. One card at a time, everyone knows the rules.

Card #1: Orella Abadon


We start off with the Post-Apocalyptic Lunch Lady, Orella Abadon. A RARE card, which means it is either all downhill from here or this is the start of something good. Usually, when you get the food from the Lunch Lady, the food is terrible. Eating soggy, purplish fries in elementary school was not a pleasant memory.

Thanks, Orella Abadon! The plus side is that with Tarsa, this is a really good card to have in a lineup that can feature Serpentine Spy, Uraeus, Kobold Miner, and Tenyii Striker.

Card #2: Witch of Warwick


Not wild about this Common Card, it is only useful in Reverse Speed matches. The jokes about ex-girlfriends from Rhode Island have been used up already in a previous Gladius Case opening.

Let's hope to do better with the next card.

Card #3: Whistling Damon


It is starting to look disappointing here. Now, Whistling Damon is a really good Common Card, but let's face it, we want more. The only reason why these cards are not combined automatically is that we can burn the cards for DEC. Is it enough DEC to make it worth it to burn? Not really. Might as well combine and go on.

Whistling Damon is a card that is presently used in a stacked Death deck where there are multiple snipers.

Card #4: Hugo Strongsword


It's the Adult Film Actor! Maybe this card is worth burning the DEC. If you don't play the Life Deck, this card is going to be of no value. Even the minimal Collection Power is not worth it. If given a choice between a Gargoya Lion and Ol' Hugo here, the choice is obvious. Gargoya Lion. If you think that this card has value, comment below and explain how you would actually use it.

Let's see if we can get something that is better than a card from the Island of Misfit Toys.

Card #5: Krash Wanderford


If you want to speed up a Fire Deck temporarily, then sure. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day has not necessarily been ruined, but the disappointment is clearly there.

Overall Score: 2.5 out of 10.

Getting the opportunity to eventually level up Whistling Damon and Orella Abadon is a positive. Outside of that, this is a heap of disappointment. It could be worse, it could be more potions. Right?