Bringing that Gladius Case energy to End of Season Loot Chests


With the new rewards structure coming out soon, this is an opportunity to celebrate the old rewards methodology. All of the potions, common cards, and 2 DEC rewards that we all know and love.

This is a Silver 2 Loot Chest Haul because going higher would require a lot less work and it felt like more work chasing a Gold 2 Loot Chest Haul. Like the Gladius Cases, this is one at a time, unless it is a potion or DEC. In those cases, it would just be there and commented about once.

At the end there will be a score from 0.0 to 10.0, one at a time, everyone knows the rules.

Loot Box #1: Legendary Potion


We're off to a great start. These potions cannot be converted to DEC or sold, no you're stuck with them and they are there to encourage you to buy packs.

It's like being given a KFC buy one, get one free coupon as a Christmas gift.

Loot Box #2: Legendary Potion

This is just going great. What's the point of all this? Let's see if a third one pops up in a row, this could be insulting.

Loot Box #3: Pelacor Deceiver


Nothing says, "Be grateful for what you get" like after a pair of potions and seeing a regular Pelacor Deceiver. There are 12 more boxes to keep up false hope. Is this card going to be useful? Not particularly when the Gold Foil one is already used. So far this haul is worth just over a shiny penny.

Loot Box #4: Alchemy Potion


This is why you buy your rewards cards for cheap from bots exiting the game rather than buy and rent a ton of Collection Power to get a bunch of loot chests. This is absolutely terrible, but aren't Untamed and Dice packs going for less than $25 on Hive Engine? Hmmmmm...

Loot Box #5: Alchemy Potion

You know it's bad when you use the previous header to be filled in and all you have to do is change the number.

So far one card, four potions. This is terrible. A better return is to be had on writing about this than the actual haul.

Just let us burn the potions.

Loot Box #6: Pelacor Bandit


It's a regular Pelacor Bandit, a COMMON CARD. When you have a Silver Level Gold Foil Pelacor Bandit already, it really is not that exciting. The only thought that comes to mind is, "Do I have enough of these cards to combine and rent to a bot?"

So far a haul that is less than 3 cents. Prisoners get better rewards.

Loot Box #7: Venari Heatsmith

It's bad when there is a sense of relief that the loot chest does not include a zonk... potion.


Venari Heatsmith is a Common Card. Is it a card that provides much value in Silver League? No. It's more useful in Gold and Diamond when it levels up, but it is better to just rent out in a combined form to a bot.

I <3 bots, keep renting from your buddy @crootin who will keep overcharging you. Humans get lower prices and their rentals do not get cancelled out of pursuit for the "All Ighty Ollar".

Loot Box #8: Legendary Potion

So far this Loot Chest is valued at less than a nickel. Good job.

Loot Box #9: Alchemy Potion

Really? Really? It's "pay to earn", not "play to earn." Just remember that. Buy those rewards cards, rent them out, and try to come out ahead.

This is the type of a End of Season Loot Chest that absolutely sends the wrong message.

Loot Box #10: Alchemy Potion


They really want your hero/role model to start buying packs. No! How about that? No! The secondary market is where it is at. This is awful.

Should have started a bot farm. How does a name like 'Cr0013tin' sound? Or 'Cr0064221tin'?

Loot Box #11: Venari Heatsmith

We're at a haul worth 6 cents with four more loot chests to go. Come on, we can do better than this, right? Right?

Loot Box #12: 3 Dark Energy Crystals


Current mood...

Loot Box #13: 2 Dark Energy Crystals


Can't make this one up. This is absolutely the worst End of Season Rewards haul. They just keep getting worse for some reason.

Loot Box #14: Alchemy Potion


Of course, another Alchemy Potion. This is fighting at the Liberty Belle Riverboat at the Magic Kingdom bad. It happens too often now and it is an absolute joke.

The last loot chests is surely going to be another potion, right?

Loot Box #15: 8 Dark Energy Crystals


This is insulting. This haul gets a 0.0. No amount of spin for this. None. It's one thing to just get common cards, but most of the rewards are potions and 11 DEC in total? 8 potions awarded, 4 common cards, 3 chests with DEC.

Should have created a bot farm. Do you have a worse haul? Share it in the comments!


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