🎂 Fiesta de cumpleaños / 🎂 Birthday Party [ESP-ING]




Hoy se celebra el cumpleaños de la prima de mi esposa y fuimos a celebrar con una fiesta modesta, donde estuvimos conversando y eschando un rato musica para pasar el rato.

Today is the birthday of my wife's cousin and we went to celebrate with a modest party, where we talked and listened to music for a while to pass the time.

Habia bebidas y comestibles como refrigerios; nos reiamos de tonterias y conversabamos vainas que no tenian sentido. Hasta pensamos que estamos locos. Asi mismo seguia la fiesta o mejor dicho la reunion.

There were drinks and groceries for snacks; We laughed at nonsense and talked about things that made no sense. We even think we are crazy. Likewise, the party continued or rather the meeting.

Comestibles y bebestibles en fiesta / Groceries and drinks at party

Musica con video para animar / Music with video to encourage

Ya al finalizar, dieron una gran torta que casi me la comia yo solo. Cantamos nuestra tradicional cancion de cumpleaños que dura mas de 7 minutos comparado a las demas. Ya cuando toca repartir comienza la cara mia a cambiar puesto que me gustaba como se veia la torta. Cuando la llegue a probar el sabor era increible una torta de 3 leches.

At the end, they gave a big cake that I almost ate by myself. We sing our traditional birthday song that lasts more than 7 minutes compared to the others. When it's time to distribute, my face begins to change since I liked how the cake looked. When I got to taste it, a 3 milk cake was incredible.

Cumpleañera y amigas / Birthday girl and friends

El Willy y compañia de amigos / El Willy and company of friends

Como en mi pais decimos "INDIO IDO, INDIO COMIDO" y nos marchamos cada quien a su casa.

As in my country we say "INDIO IDO, INDIO COMIDO" and we each go home.

Cantando / Singing

Soplando la vela / Blowing out the candle

Celebrando con los amigos / Celebrating with friends



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