Darkling Beetle Pupae Ready For Commercial Production.

Hey everyone, the more I grow my parent insect stock the more research I do and the more videos I watch, the more excited I become at the prospect of commercially growing insects. We will start with meal worms and then diversify and add black soldier flies too in the not too distant future.


Here we have a few great examples of the larvae in the process of metamorphosis into a Pupae, these are the superworms which are much larger than traditional meal worms, they will then later turn into beetles and start mating and laying eggs.



As a start small meal worms and super worms only, ultimately to see which is more efficient in terms of final weights in given time frames, relative to consumed organic matter and pivot accordingly.


The goal is to start off targeting the animal feed market as this is a huge demand currently and far more environmentally friendly then soy beans resulting in deforestation and fish meal resulting in a fish-less ocean. Truly exciting groundbreaking stuff we are onto I believe and globally more and more people are realizing the benefits of insect farming.


Below my super worm larvae which will soon be beetles, these are literally around 5 times the size of the normal common meal worm most people are familiar with.


An awesome video here of a commercial South African factory doing all this successfully already, very exciting indeed. As per YouTube...


Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful weekend.
Love, light and blessings.